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Mad Max, Mending each other scars

Autrice: Alexiel Mihawk | alexiel_hamona
Titolo: Mending each other scars.
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Warning: what if?!, femslash, english
Parole: 342
Note: scritta per il CowT con il prompt femslash. È una brevissima flashfic in cui Angharad non muore. Può o meno essere collegata a questa.

Mending each other scars

She trembles and she smiles as the soft fingers of The Splendid caress her cheeks.
Angharad is so delicate, yet she holds such a powerful will that Furiosa can't avoid admiring her; her pregnancy, although not wanted, has never been an impediment and she seems now more fierce than ever. She can't quite believe that a woman as beautiful as the Splendid could be content with someone as mediocre as her; her hand is strong and callous, she doesn't have an arm and (for sure) she has no pity. Furiosa has problems dealing with feelings: hers, Angharad's, everyone's feelings.
It's not that she doesn't want to understand, it's just so hard for her to open up again.
But she's learning, slowly.

Every time she leans towards the Imperator's lips, The Splendid feels a shiver of fulfilment, a soft sensation that accompanies the realization she's now free to love whoever she wants, being it a man, a woman, one of her sisters, a complete stranger or, in this case, Furiosa.
Furiosa that doesn't have an arm, but doesn't seem to care; Furiosa with her face covered in blood and paint, and those blue eyes that seems able to pierce through everything and look directly into her heart.
They both have nightmares, she's discovered this only recently, but it doesn't matter: nightmares may come, but they will come to pass. And every time one occurs Angharad just rolls on a side, holding her prominent belly in her arms, leaning closer to Furiosa. Those are the times she loves most, when the Imperator ceases to be the mighty new leader of the Citadel to assume the reassuring role of her partner.
She likes the word: partner. It expresses her feelings at their best: they are part of each other, so different yet so alike. They lived the same abuses, the same horrors, and reacted in two different and opposite ways, and now they are both learning to love again by mending each other scars.

That world that has been killed, they are rebuilding it. Together.
Tags: character: furiosa, character: the splendid angharad, fanfiction: mad max fury road
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