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[Star Wars] Just Like his mother

Autore: alexiel_hamona | Alexiel Mihawk
Titolo: Just like his mother
Fandom: Star Wars
Personaggi: Poe Dameron, L'ulo
Genere: introspettivo, nostalgico
Warning: missing moment, flashfic
Rating: sfw
Parole: 400
Prompt: Paura
Note: ambientata poco dopo che Poe lascia la flotta stellare per unirsi alla ribellione. Scritta per il Cow-T di Mari di Challenge. Potrebbe contenere errori because english.

Just like his mother

It was Leia the one who told him about the boy.
L’ulo didn’t flinch, but something inside him started yelling, it was an old memory of war and days long gone. That night he cried. He hadn’t cried for fifteen years.
The first time he had met him, the boy was just a little kid, waiting for his parents to come home; he had looked at his face and giggled. L’ulo had thought he was just like his mother.
Poe Dameron was an everlasting presence in his life, the closest thing to a son he had; he had saw him growing up, running in the empty forests on Yavin 4, walking on the remnants of old battles, healing the deepest and most secret scars of his parents.
Then Shara had died and Poe decided to join the Republic Starfleet; L’ulo was proud of him as much as Kes was. He remembered going to the ceremony, Poe had looked at him and waved his hand.
«Uncle L’ulo, now I’m a pilot, just like you».
«Just like your mother» he had said.
It was ages ago, or maybe just a couple of years. Now the boy he knew had grown into a man, and that man had joined the resistance. Just like his mother. Just like his father. Just like him.
Some things run in your blood, in your veins and some people are just not cut for an easy, quiet life: Poe Dameron was one of those people.

The door openes. He doesn’t raise his head.
«Uncle L’ulo» Poe stands in the doorway, a soft light coming from the corridor behind him «I know you disapprove, but I hope you’ll understand one day».
He glares at the boy – the man, and smiles softly.
«I do understand, son, I do. Don’t get killed, Poe».
He says nothing more. He doesn’t mention the nightmares that come with the job, the sensation of death coming your way, the dangers, the fear. He doesn’t tell the boy how this could change everything. He keeps it for himself, it’s his burden, not Poe’s.
He shivers. He knows what it is. The dreadful fear that this one will eventually die too, just like his mother, is starting to grow, to build up inside his heart, inside his head.
«I won’t allow that» he mutters.
L’ulo closes his eyes. He’ll think of something, as he always had.
Tags: character: l'ulo, character: poe dameron, fanfiction: star wars, star wars
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