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[Mystic Messenger] MC slaps 707 because he's an asshole

Autore: Alexiel Mihawk
Titolo: //
Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Personaggi: MC, Saeyoung
Lingua: english
Genere: angst, introspettivo,
Warning: missing moment
Rating: sfw
Parole: 580
Prompt: all'ultimo secondo
Note: scritta per il CoW-T di MaridiChallenge, questa storia si pone come missing moment della route di Seven quando decide di diventare uno stronzetto bipolare.


She had slapped him.
The whole situation had been nerve wrecking for a while now, but she had been strong. It was like one of those nightmares she used to have when she was a little girl, she used to wake up screaming, and no one was there to calm her down. It was back then when she had learnt not to let the situation slip out of her hands; she had taught herself to keep it together, no matter the situation.
That was the reason why she had not freaked out when she had learned about the special security system. That was the reason why she had been able to keep her cool when she was suddenly involved with a bunch of strangers in an apartment that wasn't hers.
And now the only one whose opinion she cared about was telling her that she was too naive, too gullible, that she should have been scared.
Why? Screaming, crying, getting angry wouldn't have helped her. Besides it wasn't like she wasn't scared. Of course, she was. She was terrified. But she had learned long ago that the point wasn't being scared, it was being able to overcome fear, to go on even when your body was paralysed and it felt like nothing would ever be right again.
For a while she had been almost completely sure that Seven could understand that way of thinking, but now she wasn't so sure any more.
He had been shutting her out all along, and MC was getting tired of it. Seven blaming himself. Seven screaming at her. Seven telling her not to talk to him. Seven arguing on his own even if she hadn't said a word. Seven telling her to stay away. Seven saying he was dangerous.
She was bloody tired of that self-loathing parade of hate and rejection, and she was starting to think that after all it was probably Rika's fault.
She had something to do with the Saeran guy. No, Luciel's brother, not just a guy.
She was insane enough to ask him to put a bomb in her apartment. A fucking bomb.
She had way too many secrets to be just someone who liked to organize parties for eccentric guest, but of course it wasn't the right time to talk to Seven about that since he had exiled himself in the hallway.
«I should have slapped him more than once».
MC didn’t believe in violence, she never had, and she had been so close to stopping, right at the last second, just before her tiny hand met Seven’s face, but then he had smirked, looking at her like she was nothing, like she deserved all the hate and rage he was throwing on her, and she had lost it.
Slapping him gave her no happiness, no satisfaction either; it just left a sense of powerlessness and emptiness, and Mc had realized that all she had done up to that moment had been for nothing.
She truly believed Seven to be someone she could trust, someone she could respect and that would treat her as his equal: she was wrong. Or at least Seven didn’t share the same point of view, he didn’t see her in the same way she did and everything she had thought up to that point were just illusions and fantasies of a romantic mind.
Mc touched the remains of the robo-cat Seven had built for her and then destroyed and she started to cry.

Tags: character: mc, character: saeyoung choi, fanfiction: mystic messenger
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