Alexiel Mihawk (alexiel_hamona) wrote,
Alexiel Mihawk

[Goblin] The one who remembers, the one who hopes

Drabble: Goblin
Parole: 204
Promp: Inverno

The one who remembers, the one who hopes

It’s been nine years.
He never once stopped to talked to Kin Sun nor to Eun Tak. He had not been blessed with oblivion, but it’s better this way. He doesn’t want to forget, he wants to remember everything.
Every smile, every tear, every laugh, every mistake. He never wants to forget anything else, never again.
He sometimes checks on them, it’s just to control if everything is all right – at least that’s what he tells himself; he never speaks, though, he never takes off his hat, nor he let them see him and when it happens he’s so casual and random that they never notice him.
He misses them more than everything, the warm friendship he had formed with Eun Tak, the soft and sad smile Sunny used gave him, the memories, the pain, even Kim Shin.
There is a part of him, a small hopeful and somehow naïve part of him, that still believes that they’ll be all together again one day, on the first day of winter, during the first snowfall when the wind gets colder and love warms their hearts. He dares not admit it, he knows it’s still impossible, but he is still dreaming of a happy ending.
Tags: fanfiction: goblin
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