Alexiel Mihawk (alexiel_hamona) wrote,
Alexiel Mihawk

[Goblin] The lonely goblin

Drabble: Goblin
Parole: 182
Prompt: Inverno

The lonely goblin

He tries not to cry, but he fails. Miserably.
The Grim Reaper looks at him from the sofa in the living room, but he dares not speak. He feels guilty, he should have seen that coming, he should have prevented it. They both know it wasn’t possible. It still hurts.
Kim Shin makes it rain for days, it rains so much that for a while Wong Yeo is afraid the world will be flooded by the goblin tears. It doesn’t happen. The world keeps spinning and turning and living. They die every die a bit more, yet they keep going on with their lives.
It doesn’t rain as much as before, not anymore, but the way Kim Shin looks at the sun is still unfitting, it makes everyone sad. It’s on the day of the first snowfall that he smiles for the first time after months, no one knows why, but everyone is relieved.
Kims Shin doesn’t say a word, he just sits there, with a book in his hands, his eyes closed and he waits. And he smiles. And he hopes.
Tags: fanfiction: goblin
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