Alexiel Mihawk (alexiel_hamona) wrote,
Alexiel Mihawk

[Goblin] Eun Tak died twice

Drabble: Goblin
Parole: 175
Prompt: Inverno

Eun Tak died twice.

Eun Tak died the first time on a winter night.
She wasn’t even born yet her life had already ended. It was the cruel and unmerciful fate given to her by the divinity, a divinity that kept looking humanity from above, never far away, but never too close. She had been saved by the merciful hands of a lonely goblin, the very same men she ended up falling in love with, the very same man who changed her life completely.
Eun Tak died the second time on a winter day.
This time it was her choice, it was her sacrifice. Someone called her an angel for what she had done, for the choice she had made, Kim Shin only asked her why. The answer was in the eyes of those children she had saved, it the warm arms of their parents who had realized what could have happened if she hadn’t been there.
But she was. And it was her choice.
When Eun Tak died, she died in pain, but she also died in peace.
Tags: fanfiction: goblin
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