Alexiel Mihawk (alexiel_hamona) wrote,
Alexiel Mihawk

[Goblin] In love

Drabble: Goblin
Parole: 202
Prompt: Primavera

In love.

The first time he saw her he thought she was way too pretty to be playing a criminal.
Indeed, she was the cop. She was way too pretty to be the detective too, he was one and he wasn’t even half as pretty as she was – later she would have told him that he was so beautiful and so shiny in her eyes that she thought he must have been an actor too.
She kept telling him how she was an actress and how he should have been more polite and kind and nice to her, he didn’t really care about all those things, but he slowly started to realized he wanted to see her smile, he wanted her to be happy.
When they ended the movie and they had to part ways the wind was warmer and the sun was softer on their pale skin; the first days of spring had come and the flowers were in bloom.
Lee Hyuk blinked and for a brief moment – the moment of a blink, of a heartbeat – he thought he had known her already, he has seen her somewhere before. It’s right there, that instant, he realized he was in love.
Tags: fanfiction: goblin
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