Alexiel Mihawk (alexiel_hamona) wrote,
Alexiel Mihawk

[Goblin] Always was, always will be

parole 147
prompt inverno

Wang Yeo looked at her and Kim Sun knew the world had stop spinning, just for her, just for a moment, for the Emperor was so much more, the Emperor was everything, and she knew the moment she saw him.
He never truly believed that she was inferior, he never cared either, all that mattered was her smile, the enthusiasm with which she looked at him, the love in her eyes, how she kissed him the first night they spent together. It was winter and the wedding had just been celebrated and she was beautiful, oh so beautiful, she still is, she always will be.
The Grim Reaper looked at Sunny and he still feels that love, that passion, he also feels the guilt, the pain, he feels everything, but she smiles and he know it was worth. Everything was worth. She was, she will always be.

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