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[DC Comics] The dog days are over | Prologue - No turning back

Autore: Alexiel Mihawk | alexiel_hamona
Fandom: DC Comics / Batfamily mostly
Prompt: prima volta
Parole: 1355
Note: prologo di una storia che avrei voluto scrivere per il Big Bang, cosa che chiaramente non avverrà. Prima o poi la continuerò, nel frattempo non ci sono note perché al momento non porta da nessuna parte, ma sarà una Jason Babs ambientata prima del Rebirth.

The dog days are over.
Prologue – No turning back

What's App – Barbara Gordon's phone.
From: Barbie
“I thought you said you'd come?”
From: Jason
“Sorry, Barbie, not gonna make it.”
From: Barbie
“You literally have a space ship. How is that even possible?”
From: Jason
“Can't talk. Sorry.”
From: Barbie
“You are not. And this conversation is not over.”

The outlaws communication network.
“You still avoiding them?”
“We are in fucking China, Roy, I'm the middle of an O.K. Corral situation with the Triad. I'm not avoiding anyone, I'm just- Fuck this.”
“I think he's just avoiding the girl. She's pretty.”
“Yea, and she can punch, the way she slapped him at Nightwing funeral? Definitely unresolved sexual tension.”
“Thanks, for the insight, are you guys aware I can hear you? And you are distracting me while fighting.”
“That's pretty much the purpose of the earphones, Jaybird: communication.”
“Stop with the Jaybird already.”
“I think that's cute.”
“Thanks Kori, that's my girl!”
“I hate both of you.”

Barbara scoffs and shakes her head with blatant disappointment, she was really hoping that Jason would come to that reunion. Everyone was hoping he would, Tim had been the one who invited him, but he surely wasn't the only one who wanted Jason to be there; Bruce wanted his son, hell, Barbara wanted to see him. And it wasn't just because of that stupid bat symbol he was carrying on his chest, he was a part of the family, he was one of them and she missed him.
“He's not coming, is he?” Dick asked, looking at her with the corner of his eyes.
“And does this come like a surprise to you, Grayson? We all know Todd's that kind of guy.”
“Yeah? What kind of guy, Damian?”
“The disappointing one, Drake.”
“Enough.” It's not Bruce the one who interrupts them though, it's Barbara “He's probably busy doing something else and you can't really blame the guy since he's always here when he's needed.”
Dick smiles, softly, patting his hand on Batgirl shoulder; she frowns slightly and imperceptibly moves away.
“It's your goodbye party, Babs,” says Tim, “he could have least tried to come.”
“Doesn't matter, does it? And the family's all here.”
She smiles and proceeds to hugging every single one of them.
“I'll miss you all.”
“You can call any time.” Bruce doesn't smile, but his hand is soft and warm as it runs through her hair in the same affectionate gesture that sometimes her father uses. “We'll be here.”
“-TT-” Damian rolls his eyes “Don't get into trouble, Gordon, we can't waste time saving you.”
“Like she's ever needed saving, Dami” Dick laughs, but this time he doesn't try to touch her.
He's noticed how jumpy she still is with him and he can't blame her, after all he faked his death and he knows that part of the trust she had in him had died the day she discovered he was still alive, that he had lied. He just hopes this journey, this travel she's embarking herself into, will help.
“I'll text you and I'll call.”
“Stay safe, miss Barbara.”
“Thank you, Alfred. And guys? Will you look after my dad while I'm gone? Please.”
“Don't we always?”
“Shut up, Drake.”
“You shut up, Damian.”
Barbara smiles, she waves her hand one last time and exits the cave. She'll miss Gotham, she'll miss home, but for now this is what she needs, besides it's not like she's leaving forever, it's just a change of pace, a new adventure.
“I'll be back soon,” she whispers. Her thin fingers slide into her leather jacket's pocket, where a ticket for a plane headed to Europe awaits her, and Barbara shivers.
She has a good feeling about this.

Dick Grayson is calling. Conditional call forwarding active.
“You have reached Jason Todd's voice mail, I'm probably in the middle of some stuff, you can leave a message if you want to, I won't call you back anyway.”
“Jay? It's Dick, Babs has just left, you were a bit of a douche bag, I guess she wanted you here. I mean, Bruce sure wanted to see you and also did Tim. You should call them sometimes, instead of wondering around shooting mobsters. Oh, if you happen to see Babs around the world look after her for me, would you?”

The outlaws communication network.
“So this might be a bit strange to hear, but Dick called you.”
“Did you answer him?”
“Come on Jaybird, you know me. I can hold a grudge.”
“Don't tell me. Roy, did you answer him?”
“No, I'm still pissed at him for faking his own death and shit. He left a message, mentioned the hot red head you like.”
“I really have a bad feeling about this.”

Tim Drake is calling. Conditional call forwarding active.
“You have reached Jason Todd's voice mail, leave a message, I won't answer. If you are Dick Grayson you are an ass-hole, stop patronizing me.”
“It's Tim, what's with the very specific voice mail? Wait, don't answer that. I just wanted to ask you if I can borrow your apartment for a while. Apparently, Damian now knows how to enter in mine.”

Damian looks around with disappointment, it's not funny when Drake's not there and he's bored. Apparently it's not a thing normal kids do, breaking in into their siblings apartment, but he doesn't care: annoying Drake is one of his favourite hobbies. Father wouldn't approve, but there are too many things that Bruce doesn't approve and Damian cares only about the work-related ones; right now the only thing that matters is that he's been deprived of Tim's pissed expression and he doesn't have an excuse for fighting.
He's muttering to himself when the phone of the apartment rings. He doesn't answer, and the voice mail starts talking.
“You have reached Tim Wayne's number, I'm not at home right now, leave me a message.”
“Damian, it's Jason. I know you are there, stop harassing Tim, what would your father say if he knew?-”
Robin scoffs and hastily lift the cordless.
“Father doesn't complain about your worthless persona, Todd. He wouldn't complain about me visiting Drake.”
“Technically you broke into his apartment...”
“Maybe I was invited.”
“Then you need to stop inviting yourself to other people houses.”
“It was the first time. You are annoying even during phone calls, Todd.”
“Yeah, kid. I am-” Jason chuckles “Damian? Wayne? Oh, come on little asshole, don't hang up on me.”
Damian smiles. That's satisfactory enough for the day.
He slithers out of the window and reaches the roof; below is careful gaze, Gotham is sleeping. It's silent and unusually quiet, it looks like it's almost empty, but he is Robin and he knows better. He knows about every little crime and petty theft, he knows about the secrets hidden behind corners and about the creatures living in the sewers and under the city.
Maybe tonight is going to be fun again, being Robin; maybe his father will smile, maybe Grayson will come knocking to his room door asking about how the patrolling went, maybe he'll ambush Drake.
Damian Wayne watches the city as it sleeps, sitting on the roof a building too tall for a twelve years old to climb, motionless, in a position that reminds that of the Batman, and he wonders. Secretly wishing that thing would go back as they were, wishing that everyone would stop being angry at Grayson for faking his death (and he means it, everyone should know the guy is an ass, why being upset about it?), wishing that that idiot Todd would come home as he can see his father worrying for him (and Damian is too young and too careless to truly understand what the problem is between those two), wishing that the Batgirl never left because it's boring being only with Drake and Drake had been behaving strange lately which means he had been avoiding their usual bickering and sparring.
He feels alone. But he is Robin, and Robin doesn't have time to feel alone, somewhere Batman is waiting for him. Gotham is waiting for him.
Damian smiles eagerly and he jumps.
Tags: character: barbara gordon, character: damian wayne, character: jason todd, fanfiction: batfamily, fanfiction: dc comics, jaybabs
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