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[DC Comics] Being lame is also a challenge

Fandom: DC Comics
Titolo: Being lame is also a challenge
Personaggi: Richard Grayson/Barbara Gordon
Generi/Warning: sort of AU, comedy
Parole: 569
Prompt: gara
Note: scritta per il CoW-T 8, week 1, e ispirata a questa fan art

Being lame is also a challenge

What she wasn’t aware of was that for Richard Grayson everything could become a challenge.
One he would want to win.
Literally everything.
So when he approach her, down the library counter while she was working she payed to him little to none attention.
«I would like to order some books» he laughed, with the same tone she imagined some kind of fancy Disney prince with a very low I.Q. would have.
She raised her eyebrows.
«Could you be more specific?» she asked, already annoyed.
«Could you be more beautiful?»
«Could you be more lame?»
It wasn’t hard for Barbara Gordon to play this game, the sarcasm game. She was a smartass and a genius and, being the daughter of a commissioner, her hobbies included making jokes of dangerous psychopaths.
Well, she thought, that was an unexpected answer.
«To be honest, Beautiful, I could be the lamest guy of all the lame guys you’ve ever met».
«That wasn’t a challenge…»
«Isn’t everything?» he smiled, and she had to admit he was cute.
«Please leave».
«Wait, wait. I have one: It's handy that I have my library card because I'm totally checking you out».
Barbara groaned in disbelief, what the heck had she done.
« If you were a Transformer, you'd be Optimus Fine».
«Please, leave»
«Not until you tell me your name. And you tell me I’m the lamest guy you ever met».
«I told you I wasn’t challenging you…»
«Richard, Richard Grayson, but you can call me Dick, you know… in nomen omen».
«Lame nerd jokes, lame Latin jokes, I can’t even».
He smirked in satisfaction, he was so proud of himself that Barbara couldn’t avoid a small smile.
«Ah! I knew you’d appreciate how lame I could be!»
«Look, Richard, you are funny, but if you don’t want a book, please, leave».
«But you haven’t told me your name yet».
«It’s Barbara, Barbara Gordon now leave».
«Hi, Barbara, it’nice to – Oh no! What is that on my shirt?! I didn’t even notice it».
She raised her eyebrows again, not really interested.
«Being lame, and being a Dick, you probably just got dirty while eating».
«It’s a pity, though. I love this shirt, it’s soft and beautiful, do you know what it’s made of?»
«God… please just kill me».
«Boyfriend material».
Barbara groaned. She looked at him and shook her head.
«You know what? You win. You are the lamest guy I’ve ever met. Happy now?»
«Yes! Do I get to have your number?» he asked, smiling.
It was a pretty smile, and Barbara smiled back.
«I could give you my number, Mr. Lamest guy of the universe, but then you’d message me lame jokes and I’d feel the urge to block you and we’d never speak again».
«So… no. You won’t. Which is fine, I understand. I can always tell you lame jokes in person».
«Please, don’t come here ever again».
Richard laughed, and waved his hand.
«Next time challenge me to something else, I like challenges. I promise I won’t be lame again».
Barbara smiled back, he still had the voice of an annoying Disney Prince, but at least a funny one.
«Next time I see you, I’m gonna punch you in the face».
«Oh, a fist fight? I accept!»
«Oh, god, I wasn’t challenging you».
He winked as he reached the exit door.
«Everything is a challenge, Barbara Gordon. That’s what makes it fun».
Tags: character: barbara gordon, character: richard grayson, fanfiction: batfamily, fanfiction: dc comics
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